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Web Development – What you need to know.

Web Development – What You Need To Know.

Basic Steps for Web Development

Web Development Chart by Buddy Web Graphics

Use the web development chart above to learn the basics of what needs to be done to obtain optimal SEO (search engine optimization) for your business online.

Marketing on the web is not as complicated as many people seem to think.  However, just seeing the basics does not explain what all the steps are in each category.  There is much more to know about web development then just eye candy.

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E Brown - Web Development Consultant - Derby KS USA

Web Consultant Pricing

How to help clients understand they get what they pay for, in the long run.

I am a moderator at the Social Media Examiner Small Business Club and in that group people ask about how web consultants price their services. This question is asked over and over at different times.

It’s no surprise that it came up again recently.  Kristy C. Cartier, a valued member at the SME-SMSB Club posted a thread that featured “the Value Triangle” and although I’d seen one similar this one really hit home.

We’ve all struggled with clients over all three items before —

The Consultants Value Triangle

What the client asks for:

1 – Speed – Get it done by uh, tomorrow!

2 – Quality – The best you have to offer!

3 – Cost – At the same price!

Does any client say, “No matter what the cost?”

NO – never.

So, we, the web developers have to have an ace in the hole.  The image above shows how you can balance that out for the client.  It does not have to be one, in fact it should be two but never all three at the same time.  Here are the equations —

1 – Speed and Quality = more cost.

2 – Speed and Cost = less quality.

3 – Cost and Quality = more time.

Can it be all three?  Actually, yes, but the client must understand the added cost to be able to justify that in their own budgets.

It’s a good idea to include these factors in any written agreement also along with an image to show them how the balancing act works.

Even unreasonable people (clients) can understand this simple concept. At least we can hope for this concept to sink in so they can always be aware when they ask for more.

E Brown - Web Development Consultant - Derby KS USA

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