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How To Add A “Promotion” to a Linkedin Group

How To Add A “Promotion” to a Linkedin Group

The administrator of any Linkedin group has to have enabled promotions as a tab before you can post to that area.  Be sure you know the rules for the group in question before posting a promotion.

In this example the group used is “The Better Together Approach” and although not a new group it does have a new name, just today.  The previous name was “Givers Gain.”  Becoming active in this group is recommended as there are features found there that are not available in many other groups.

Feature Friday – You introduce yourself on a conference call each and every Friday. Everyone gets to introduced themselves.  A good way to spread info about your biz.  You also have the option of adding your contact information in a post in the promotions tab if you attend the conference call.

Free Webinars – As concerns many areas of “web development” that many small to medium businesses may be interested in attending. Sunday Afternoons. Same here – you have the option to ask your questions in the group and add your contact information in the Promotions Thread.

Infographic Directions

How To Add A Promotion To A Linkedin Group

How To Add A Promotion To A Linkedin Group

Text Directions

  1. Open the Linkedin Group.
  2. Click on the “Discussions” tab.
  3. Click in the “text box” next to your picture or avitar.
  4. Enter your title and body text.
  5. Click the radio button for “Promotion”.
  6. Choose your share options (usually just Group).
  7. Chick the “Share” button to post to the Promotion tab.

You can now check the Promotions area (by clicking the tab) and see that your post was successfully completed. 😉

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