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Feature Friday Conference Call Information

Feature Friday Sign-Up Infographic

Planning to join us on the Feature Friday Conference Call this Friday?  Please sign-up in advance so we know how many folks to expect and can make any special arrangements that might be necessary.

Feature Friday Conference Call Sign-Up

Feature Friday Conference Call Sign-Up

Do you have a Linkedin membership?  You’ll need one; it’s free. After you’ve joined #Linkedin please do the following —

01  –  Join “The Better Together Approach” group at Linkedin.

02  – Scroll through the Managers Choice Carousel at the top of the group page and open the “Feature Friday Sign-Up discussion.

03  –  Click the discussion TITLE to open the discussion.

04  –  Add a comment that includes your business information and contact information too. A link to your website or blog is welcome. Add a ‘referral request’; these are marching orders to other members to make a call or send an email to help you with contacts you need.

05  –  Hit the ‘add comment’ key and you are all ready to join the Feature Friday Conference Call for the current week.

06  –   Be sure to have a one minute speech ready to share on the call!


Eileen Brown is the volunteer web consultant on the Feature Friday Conference Call and helps new and experienced business owners hone their online presence and overall technology skill sets.  Contact Ms. Brown through this blog or her website for Buddy Web Services

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