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6 Ways to Make Twitter Work to Increase YOUR Marketing Punch

Use these 6 Tips to Add More Punch to YOUR Twitter Marketing Efforts

Twitter is a lot of fun for millions of people but can be a powerful marketing tool if you learn to use it correctly. Many business owners and executives alike, tweet thoughts off the top of their heads, when they have a few minutes. They use it to advertise sales, discounts, and in general simple marketing messages.

However, that is not good enough to attract the right attention most businesses need from customers. Here are six ways to give your tweets more marketing punch, and make Twitter a more powerful Internet marketing tool in the process:

1. – Use hash tags effectively. Hash tags are perhaps the most under-utilized Twitter marketing tool. By looking at what kinds of ideas are trending (or at least noticing what is trending in your industry, or among your biggest customers), you can often find a way to either start a great two-way conversation, or reach a larger audience simply by using a better tag.

2. – Make your tweets shorter. This might seem like a strange suggestion, given that you are already limited to 140 characters or less. Still, a big mistake Internet marketers make is trying to cram too much into each tweet, leaving them without enough room to add a link, be re-tweeted, or use correct spelling and grammar. Pare down your message until you can say what you need to say, clearly and distinctly.

3. – Add a bit of humor. Being funny is the one thing that will cause people to follow you, or re-tweet your messages, on a regular basis. Even the rocket scientists behind the Curiosity Mars Rover are finding time to tweet a little bit of humor lately, so certainly you have a joke, anecdote, or silly picture that you can share with the world.

4. – Remember to link back to your site. At a certain point, having lots of followers on Twitter isn’t worth much if they aren’t translating into more leads or sales. The easiest way to “convert” Twitter traffic is usually through a back link to your business website, so don’t forget to lead people there (and toward your products or services) every once in a while.

5. – Have a Twitter marketing goal. Tweeting aimlessly is fun, but it isn’t going to help you accomplish anything in a bottom-line sense. Know what your sales and marketing goals are, and then monitor your progress from time to time to see how you’re doing.

6. – Engage Your Followers. Perhaps the hardest thing for those quick tweets to accomplish is actual engagement with the audience. Do you know why? People should be thought of as just that, people, not a collective audience. Use the @connect button often to interact with your followers. Your followers might be trying to reach you through the same platform in which you are trying to connect with them, Twitter!

Follow these tips, and you can use Twitter to not only fill a few minutes of your day following athletes and celebrities, but also grow your sales consistently over time. Give it a try!

Do you have a tip to add? Please do so in the comments.

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