BTA-001 Social Media Integration Webinar-Workshop

BTA-001 Social Media Integration Webinar-Workshop

Yesterday, the first webinar-workshop was given for the Linkedin Group The ‘Better Together’ Approach.

Subjects attended at the BTA-001 Webinar-Workshop addressing Social Media Integration.

Subjects attended at the BTA-001 Webinar-Workshop addressing Social Media Integration.

The recording for the presentation is not very good as it was ‘open mike’ – always a mistake!  But it is what it is – may have to make a new recording altogether at a future date.

Met some nice folks; people I had not met before and that’s always a plus. 🙂

Many items I was prepared to present were skipped over including the Bonus of the time tracking forms, which are located here in PDF format — social media management and time tracking forms. All the interruptions make for a bad presentation, overall. I got lost in my own presentation! Yikes.

I am looking for a better place to have the Power Point presentations uploaded for future FREE webinars.  If you have suggestions for this, please leave them in the comments.  I have found which is in beta and, however I don’t think they offer some of the perks that Prezi offers for a paid account. As these webinars are free, I will not pay to upload and use them online.

I do want the original presentation as I made it to be view-able and not skewed to grayscale ( like at Prezi for free accounts).

HEY! Leave me a comment on what you learned that was new or if anything was left out (obviously) that you need to know.  Please stay ON TOPIC with your comments here.

Thanks Folks – it was nice to spend my Sunday afternoon with you all.


—   UPDATE 03-28-14   —

I finally broke down and put the slide show into PDF format.  Without the seminar, it (of course) does lose the punch and direction needed but the outline IS there.

Here is the Social Media Integration Slideshow in PDF format.


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2 thoughts on “BTA-001 Social Media Integration Webinar-Workshop

  1. budgetvideo4biz March 28, 2014 at 1:41 pm Reply

    Wow…ENGAGEMENT is what we strive for and EASY TO DO is the action we hope to achieve, right?

    please accept this helpful input…

    As a “Newbie” to your blog, I was faced with a MASS of heavy graphical input trying to find a simple comments box… that I always look for at the END of a post (like most others would)!

    Not criticizing, trying to be helpful.

    I even clicked on your graphic that said “At the top” expecting it would be an express elevator to the top of the post – only to be brought away to another web page.

    My #1 challenge every day is to be CONCISE… and I fail pretty regularly.

    I am learning that 88% of the internet folks are functionally illiterate adults who can not (WILL NOT) accept more than 140 characters of info at a time , have the patience level of a gnat and will leave or complain if everything is not the way THEY (in their own narcissistic self) want the world to be.

    LOL – Now I forgot what my comment was going to be. At 64, these brain farts occur moire frequently — LOL.

    Jim Bannon, Chief Innovation Advocate
    BudgetVideo4BIZ – put dot after the 4 for my website – without adding the dot, only the @gmail suffix – you have my email address


    • Buddy Services March 28, 2014 at 4:15 pm Reply

      OH MY GooseFeathers — I fixed the link to lead to the top of page and not site. Thought I had done that already. Sheesh!

      I agree on the comment thing – it should be at the bottom of the article/entry. I’ll fix that soon too.


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