How To Turn Off Facebook Video Auto-Play – Computer

How To Turn Off Facebook Video Auto-Play

On the Computer

Sign in to your Facebook account.

Click the drop-down menu in the top-right of the Facebook website and scroll down and choose “Settings.”

At the bottom in the left pane click on “Videos.”

Then click on the drop down menu for “Auto-Play Videos” and turn it to off.

This only applies when you use Facebook on the computer.

Image 01 - How to Turn Off Facebook Video Auto-Pay

Image 01 – How to Turn Off Facebook Video Auto-Pay

Image 02 - How to Turn Off Facebook Video Auto-Pay

Image 02 – How to Turn Off Facebook Video Auto-Pay



Feature Friday Conference Call Information

Feature Friday Sign-Up Infographic

Planning to join us on the Feature Friday Conference Call this Friday?  Please sign-up in advance so we know how many folks to expect and can make any special arrangements that might be necessary.

Feature Friday Conference Call Sign-Up

Feature Friday Conference Call Sign-Up

Do you have a Linkedin membership?  You’ll need one; it’s free. After you’ve joined #Linkedin please do the following —

01  –  Join “The Better Together Approach” group at Linkedin.

02  – Scroll through the Managers Choice Carousel at the top of the group page and open the “Feature Friday Sign-Up discussion.

03  –  Click the discussion TITLE to open the discussion.

04  –  Add a comment that includes your business information and contact information too. A link to your website or blog is welcome. Add a ‘referral request’; these are marching orders to other members to make a call or send an email to help you with contacts you need.

05  –  Hit the ‘add comment’ key and you are all ready to join the Feature Friday Conference Call for the current week.

06  –   Be sure to have a one minute speech ready to share on the call!


Eileen Brown is the volunteer web consultant on the Feature Friday Conference Call and helps new and experienced business owners hone their online presence and overall technology skill sets.  Contact Ms. Brown through this blog or her website for Buddy Web Services

BTA-001 Social Media Integration Webinar-Workshop

BTA-001 Social Media Integration Webinar-Workshop

Yesterday, the first webinar-workshop was given for the Linkedin Group The ‘Better Together’ Approach.

Subjects attended at the BTA-001 Webinar-Workshop addressing Social Media Integration.

Subjects attended at the BTA-001 Webinar-Workshop addressing Social Media Integration.

The recording for the presentation is not very good as it was ‘open mike’ – always a mistake!  But it is what it is – may have to make a new recording altogether at a future date.

Met some nice folks; people I had not met before and that’s always a plus. 🙂

Many items I was prepared to present were skipped over including the Bonus of the time tracking forms, which are located here in PDF format — social media management and time tracking forms. All the interruptions make for a bad presentation, overall. I got lost in my own presentation! Yikes.

I am looking for a better place to have the Power Point presentations uploaded for future FREE webinars.  If you have suggestions for this, please leave them in the comments.  I have found which is in beta and, however I don’t think they offer some of the perks that Prezi offers for a paid account. As these webinars are free, I will not pay to upload and use them online.

I do want the original presentation as I made it to be view-able and not skewed to grayscale ( like at Prezi for free accounts).

HEY! Leave me a comment on what you learned that was new or if anything was left out (obviously) that you need to know.  Please stay ON TOPIC with your comments here.

Thanks Folks – it was nice to spend my Sunday afternoon with you all.


—   UPDATE 03-28-14   —

I finally broke down and put the slide show into PDF format.  Without the seminar, it (of course) does lose the punch and direction needed but the outline IS there.

Here is the Social Media Integration Slideshow in PDF format.


E Brown - Web Development Consultant - Derby KS USAleave-a-comment-image

Social Media Webinar-Workshop Forms

Social Media Webinar-Workshop Forms

Please view the PDF file that contains the forms and save it to your hard drive if you want to use or use them as a guide to make your own forms.


BTA-001 Sunday, January 19, 2014


Join us today for a webinar-workshop on Social Media Integration for your Biz.

The ‘Better Together’ Approach Linkedin Group

E Brown - Web Development Consultant - Derby KS USA

How To Add A “Promotion” to a Linkedin Group

How To Add A “Promotion” to a Linkedin Group

The administrator of any Linkedin group has to have enabled promotions as a tab before you can post to that area.  Be sure you know the rules for the group in question before posting a promotion.

In this example the group used is “The Better Together Approach” and although not a new group it does have a new name, just today.  The previous name was “Givers Gain.”  Becoming active in this group is recommended as there are features found there that are not available in many other groups.

Feature Friday – You introduce yourself on a conference call each and every Friday. Everyone gets to introduced themselves.  A good way to spread info about your biz.  You also have the option of adding your contact information in a post in the promotions tab if you attend the conference call.

Free Webinars – As concerns many areas of “web development” that many small to medium businesses may be interested in attending. Sunday Afternoons. Same here – you have the option to ask your questions in the group and add your contact information in the Promotions Thread.

Infographic Directions

How To Add A Promotion To A Linkedin Group

How To Add A Promotion To A Linkedin Group

Text Directions

  1. Open the Linkedin Group.
  2. Click on the “Discussions” tab.
  3. Click in the “text box” next to your picture or avitar.
  4. Enter your title and body text.
  5. Click the radio button for “Promotion”.
  6. Choose your share options (usually just Group).
  7. Chick the “Share” button to post to the Promotion tab.

You can now check the Promotions area (by clicking the tab) and see that your post was successfully completed. 😉

E Brown - Web Development Consultant - Derby KS USA

Web Development – What you need to know.

Web Development – What You Need To Know.

Basic Steps for Web Development

Web Development Chart by Buddy Web Graphics

Use the web development chart above to learn the basics of what needs to be done to obtain optimal SEO (search engine optimization) for your business online.

Marketing on the web is not as complicated as many people seem to think.  However, just seeing the basics does not explain what all the steps are in each category.  There is much more to know about web development then just eye candy.

Join Lamar Morgan at the “The ‘Better Together’ Approach” network for business at Linkedin to get an overview of how to go about your own web development or to be able to hire a consultant to help you achieve your biz goals on the World Wide Web.

Join me as Lamar introduces me to the group on a Feature Friday Tele-conference call – ask Lamar in the group to send you an invitation for my introduction next Friday, January 17, 2014 at Eastern time of 7:45 AM.

Webinar to follow on  Sunday January 19 at 4:00 PM Eastern Time. 

E Brown - Web Development Consultant - Derby KS USA

Web Consultant Pricing

How to help clients understand they get what they pay for, in the long run.

I am a moderator at the Social Media Examiner Small Business Club and in that group people ask about how web consultants price their services. This question is asked over and over at different times.

It’s no surprise that it came up again recently.  Kristy C. Cartier, a valued member at the SME-SMSB Club posted a thread that featured “the Value Triangle” and although I’d seen one similar this one really hit home.

We’ve all struggled with clients over all three items before —

The Consultants Value Triangle

What the client asks for:

1 – Speed – Get it done by uh, tomorrow!

2 – Quality – The best you have to offer!

3 – Cost – At the same price!

Does any client say, “No matter what the cost?”

NO – never.

So, we, the web developers have to have an ace in the hole.  The image above shows how you can balance that out for the client.  It does not have to be one, in fact it should be two but never all three at the same time.  Here are the equations —

1 – Speed and Quality = more cost.

2 – Speed and Cost = less quality.

3 – Cost and Quality = more time.

Can it be all three?  Actually, yes, but the client must understand the added cost to be able to justify that in their own budgets.

It’s a good idea to include these factors in any written agreement also along with an image to show them how the balancing act works.

Even unreasonable people (clients) can understand this simple concept. At least we can hope for this concept to sink in so they can always be aware when they ask for more.

E Brown - Web Development Consultant - Derby KS USA

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